Submit Application by March 1, 2023

To advance the LCBA’s mission of educating the public about the value of honeybees and the impact honeybees have on our world, the Association sponsors a Youth Education Program.

Selection Criteria and Process for the LCBA Youth Education Program:
  1. Students must be between the ages of 11 and 18.
  2. A program application and questionnaire must be submitted along with supporting documents.
  3. A selection committee will consider each application and select students for the program.
  4. The student will learn about beekeeping equipment and managing a beehive. LCBA will provide the opportunity to students to work with an experienced beekeeper on the following activities (but not limited to): Installing bees in a hive; feeding bees; inspecting Hives; disease management; extracting honey; winter preparation.
  5. After completing one year of the program the student will be eligible to apply for a sponsorship that would provide: a Beginner Beekeeper’s Kit (see appendix), a package of bees and will be featured on LCBA’s face book page.
  6. After completing the second year of the program the student will be presented with a plaque and will be featured on LCBA’s face book page.

Click here to download the Program application and questionnaire.

Submit the completed application to:
C/O Marilyn
15177 Diagonal Road
Lagrange, OH  44050

LCBA Youth Education Program