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There’s gold in your backyard

It’s the pollen that honeybees collect and distribute among trees,flowers and vegetable plants to help them grow. We rely on honeybees to pollinate one-third of our food supply. These small, but mighty creatures are vital to our existence! Be part of the worldwide movement to help the honeybee.
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Denzil St. Clair, 440-647-2602, info@queenrightcolonies.com

Vice President:

Larry Theurer, 216-407-2581, larry1724@aol.com


Audrey Gargas, 216-534-6195, gargas1@frontier.com


Gene Gargas, 330-273-6308, gargas1@frontier.com


Randy Leiby, 440-381-1956 , RDLeiby@hotmail.com


Joan Romick, 440-360-0444, jromick277@gmail.com


Marilyn Teeple, 440-355-4419, teeppeop@aol.com

Fair Chairman

Bren Leiby   440-381-1145, brenhono77@yahoo.com

Youth Education Program Director

Marilyn Teeple,  440-759-2826,  teeppeop@aol.com

Building Fund Director

Sheila St. Clair, 440-647-2602, info@queenrightcolonies.com

Event Photographer

Bren Leiby   440-381-1145,  brenhono77@yahoo.com

Buzzzz Editor

Lori Keleman, 440-748-6204 , buzzzzworthy.@gmail.com

Video Librarian

Bill Vittori, 440-323-4942, billv99@prodigy.net

Membership Coordinator

Gene Gargas, 216-534-6195, gargas1@frontier.com

Community Education Program Coordinator

Marilyn Teeple,  440-759-2826,  teeppeop@aol.com