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$52,000 raised for Lorain County Beekeepers Association HQ

by Jason Hawk The Chronicle-Telegram

WELLINGTON — The buzz around town is that the Lorain County Beekeepers Association has a new hive in mind.
Its members have raised $52,000 toward construction of a headquarters to serve as a classroom, meeting space and apiary. “We’ve got some steam and momentum, and it’s really starting to
show itself,” Building Fund Director Sheila St. Clair said. There’s more than honey at stake when it comes to the bee population....

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August 1, 2022

Dream Big or Go Home!

Over 100 years ago when beekeeping was an important if not vital part of the rural landscape, and honey was a staple in every kitchen and pantry, even then, the Lorain County Beekeepers Association had a plan.

"An article in the Elyria Constitution Newspaper in 1882 to the attention of beekeepers advised that 200 beekeepers in Lorain County had 4,500 colonies of bees and this year had only half a crop or 153,000 pounds of honey. This article stated that a courtroom had been obtained and urged all beekeepers and those interested meet at the Court House for the purpose of forming a beekeeping society. This was apparently the beginning of the Lorain County Beekeepers Association.

Articles appeared in the papers for several years about bees and the beekeepers meetings, however, little information has been found about this organization from the 1880's until the club was reactivated in 1919 in Wellington." (excerpt from January 28, 1980 letter to LCBA members from LCBA Treasurer, Harry R. Painter. Read full letter here.)

Little did they know that 103 years later the organization they incorporated would be going strong and continuing the self same passion. Today we are honored to continue much as it did then, and many times in the same locations, towns, cities, and villages, as our founding fathers of beekeeping. The work is the same it continues forward, the exact same desire to teach the importance of honey bees and the care of them.

As we continue this legacy, our goal as an organization is to create a permanent place, a home if you will, to protect this legacy of those who were keepers before us. In doing so we will be assured as our time comes and goes that the next generation can take up the torch and go forward in the hopes of a permanent home.

Looking forward as the organization makes these plans for the future we have created the building fund project. Our future vision is to create a state of the art multi-functional facility with all the latest in technology. Having the capabilities to teach and share beekeeping and agriculture in many different capacities. The building may also be used for programs, gatherings, and other  functions. Located in Lorain County, in the Village of Wellington preferably, at the Lorain County Fairgrounds possibly, who knows the direction this may go once we get more energy behind the plan. Stay tuned and please partner with us, become a member, donate today and help the honeybees!

If you have any questions regarding this program and ways to support it, please feel free to contact Sheila St. Clair, Building Fund Director for more information.

LCBA Mission Statement "To Promote Beekeeping through Education, Cooperation, or any other Efficient Means"

We are a 501C3 organization and we thank you for all your support.

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