There’s gold in your backyard

It’s the pollen that honeybees collect and distribute among trees, flowers and vegetable plants to help them grow. We rely on honeybees to pollinate one-third of our food supply. These small, but mighty creatures are vital to our existence!

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To promote beekeeping through education, cooperation,

or any efficient means.

Since 1919, Lorain County Beekeepers Association has been a leader in raising awareness about the impact of honeybees. We also promote the vital, centuries-old practice of beekeeping. As one of the largest associations of its kind in Ohio, we are committed to bringing honeybees and beekeepers together to improve bee ecology and protect one of our most precious natural resources.

We are a non-profit organization and meet the second Friday of each month. Membership dues include your entire family and provide access to a variety of educational and entertaining events throughout the year, along with a monthly e-newsletter.

LCBA also is a teaching organization and offers beginner beekeeping classes each spring. See our list of Officers, Beekeeping Mentors and Bee Inspectors.

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