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Anniversary Auction

Munster Hive

Donated by Queen Right Colonies, Ltd.

We think this is our best ornate hive ever, it has 56 mini nuc frames which would equal a total of 28 deep frames, it is all enter connected making one large hive.  The center is a compartment for tools, smoker, gloves, lunch, etc.  It stands on 4 treated 4X6 legs, the pictured roof is of solid copper, but can be shake singles like the smaller side pitches. This pictured Munster Hive will be one of several items auctioned off at the 100th LCBA anniversary Oct. 5th and is open to all beekeepers and as always with LCBA, it is FREE, but reservations and menu choice must be made in advance, and reservations close August 1, see information above for reservations. Someone will take this beautiful hive home and needless to say, it is one of a kind!

Items donated for the auction during the 100th Anniversary Celebration in October.

Bee Quilt

Donated and hand-made by Denise Vasel.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

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